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Aastha Social Welfare Front Ngo In Zirakpur Punjab

Aastha Social Welfare Front Ngo Information

AASTHA SOCIAL WELFARE FRONT Non Governmental Organization is located in Zirakpur Punjab . AASTHA SOCIAL WELFARE FRONT is registered as a Society at SAS Nagar Mohali of state Punjab with Ngo unique registration ID 'PB/2014/0084469' . The NGO registration is done by Registrar of Societies with registration number DIC/SAS/4065 on the date of 09-11-2011, Its parent ORganaisation is PaulFoundation. The Chairman of AASTHA SOCIAL WELFARE FRONT is Vidya Rattan Sharma and Chief functionary officer is Vidya Rattan Sharma. Promoter is Anita Sharma

NGO Organization / Ngo Information

NGO Name
Unique Id of VO/NGO
Chief Functionary
Vidya Rattan Sharma
Vidya Rattan Sharma
Babu Lal
Promoter 1
Anita Sharma

Registration Details

Registered With
Registrar of Societies
Type of NGO
Registration Number
City of Registration
SAS Nagar Mohali
State of Registration
Date of Registration
NGO Registration certificate
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Contact details

Mobile Number
Vidya Rattan Sharma 563, Chiraniv enclave Zirakpur Distt Mohali pin 140603
NO website is listed

AASTHA SOCIAL WELFARE FRONT Key Issues and Operational Areas, Major Activiities & Achivements

Major Activities and Achivements

Constituted workshop on rising environemental pollution :The Aastha Social Front in its envisaged pursuit organized a well conceived workshop cum declamation contest on increasing enviornmental pollution at local AC National Public Senior Second School. The enthusiasm among the students of senior classes was seen remarkable and susceptible. They participated in the contest overwhelmingly and proved their mettle by raising voice against the everincreasing, emanating environmental pollution from burning smoke of stublle and industrial chimneys. The impact of hazardous smoke could only be lessened by growing more trees. The princpal of the school Ms. Agnihotri applauded multifaceted and intertwined efforts of imbibing competitive leader like spirits and aggressive voice against environmental pollution. 2. Organising camp against Drug-addiction - In order to eliminate the hazards of growing drug addition, a workshop at Minerva Divine Public School was instituted on 25 April, 2012. The pupils of the school took to slogan writing and went off on roads to disseminate the loud messages of evil of drug addiction. They sounded bugle for abstaining from drugs. The discreet modus operandi was Keep busy in different chores which would raise dividends and better economy and pleasure therefrom. 3. Curse of female foeticide becomes serious threat - The skewed ration of gender has been alarming and threatening our region in particular about the advent of worst anarchy in our society. The horrific hike in female foeticide must stop or the quantum of women would lose its presence which is albeit dangerous. The information was dissminated by renowned envirnomentalist Triven Baba emphasizing at local Govt Hospital, he said widening gender ratio certainly threatened the safe population growth and future innocusous strength of brides would be missing and displaced elsewhere. 4. Seminar on deafening noise pollution - The hundreds of village folks were seen outcrying about the defeaning noise being generated by the industrial unit named Parvati Forging Plant, where fatiguable elderlies were not able to sleep during night hours. The Aastha unit took up its cudgels against the management of the Parvati Forging Plant which generated deafening pollution. The unit administration complained to chairman Punjab Pollution Control Board and gheraoed the top erring functioneries and constrained them to instal silencer devices around the industrial unit. Our campaigned efforts saw the consequential outcome of suppressed noise pullution which used to cause ear, lungs ailments in elderlies and also used to damage the walls of the houses located in closeby vicinity. 5. Rally on cry for conserving water - Conservation of Water was the need of the hour, it was proclaimed at a rally organised by Aastha at a local DPS School on 21 Jan, 2014 . In a bid to enlighten the masses about the importance of conserving water was streamlined staff and wards of the school took to placards. They sounded warning about the declining natural storage of precious water which was a threat to our daily need of kitchen and washroom. It was hightime we would have to evaluate the significance of high stock of water availability. 6. Second hand smoking yields respiratory infection- At a seminar organised at a local hospital under the auspices of Aastha Front against the cond hand smoke which yields bad respiratory symptoms. The chairman Col. Gill claimed nearly six lakh premature death occur due to this kind of smoke. The exposure of smoke escalates the chances of suffering from the smloke related coughs, wheezing, asthma, pneumonia and lower respiratory tract infections and other associated health problems. 7. Opening of creche for poor kids- The Aastha unit opened creche in the closeby vicinity of Zirakpur which accommodated 17 wards needing shelter and nourishment under the care of an Aya and trained nursery women. The kids were being looked after under a homely atomosphere by the auspices