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Abhinavkal Akendra Ngo In Ranchi Jharkhand

Abhinavkal Akendra Ngo Information

ABHINAVKAL AKENDRA Non Governmental Organization is located in ranchi Jharkhand . ABHINAVKAL AKENDRA is registered as a Society at Ranchi of state Jharkhand with Ngo unique registration ID 'JH/2009/0016243' . The NGO registration is done by Registrar of Societies with registration number 924 on the date of 23-12-2007, Its parent ORganaisation is PaulFoundation. The Chairman of ABHINAVKAL AKENDRA is Alkashedeo and Chief functionary officer is Ulkasingh.

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Telephone 2
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Ulkasingh Roadno.8,vikashnagar singhmore,hatia-834003
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ABHINAVKAL AKENDRA Key Issues and Operational Areas, Major Activiities & Achivements

Key Issues

This ABHINAVKAL AKENDRA NGO charity is working on Key Issues of Art & Culture

Operational States


Operational Districts


Major Activities and Achivements

It is a matter of appreciation that the programmes & activities implemented and being implemented by Abhinav kala Kendra, Ranchi, Jharkhand has been able to bring the organization more closely and acceptable to the society up to desired level. We would feel happy to share its struggle for the benefit of vulnerable section of the society. Nineteen years back i.e. since 1990 this agency kindled light to kick out darkness from the life of the rural and urban poor. It choose to use that light to create peace, love and solidarity in the society through providing awareness building programmes regarding education, health and hygiene, environment protection and pollution control, abolitions of child labor, savings, women empowerment, etc. to the poor to kick out their darkness. Since 1990 onwards the organization have launched many programmes in health, education, environment promotion and protection, women empowerment, economic sectors for the upliftment of the socio-economic condition of the poor residing in the urban and rural areas & we have seen success too but still that very moment we felt that the flame of our light was not too bright. Although tremendous changes in the society have been brought due to which we are receiving constructive feedback. Owing to our many fold acts, the programme attracted the moral supports of the poor hoi polloi, which are our major achievements. But since last three years AKK is trying to adopt scientific approaches and methodical management inputs to complement the desire to ensure that the changes are qualitative and long lasting Development Agenda for the Ranchi District of Jharkhand. AKK is operational at the grass-root level in the Ranchi District of Jharkhand, which is distinct on the basis of land geographies and demographic characteristics. This part of the Jharkhand state has a population predominantly constituted by the backward and very backward classes. This area still has dense forests and is plagued with feudal ethos and extremist menace. The CD Blocks of Ranchi District is in urgent need of a suitable and sustainable social development programmes based on the aspirations of the people and their participation. Still we would have pleasure to share our achievements and acceptance in the society with the other voluntary & supporting agencies through this annual report for the period of April 2008 – March 2009. This report flashes all those activities which have been intervened during the reporting period as well as also gives an over view of those activities being conducted smoothly. FOLLOWING ARE THE FIELD IN WHICH OUR ORGANISATION IS WORKING THEY ARE AS UNDER: • RUNNING OF DANCE INSTITUTE • AWARENESS PROGRAMME THROUGH SONGS, DRAMA AND NUKKAD SHOWS • CULTURAL PROGRAMME (SONGS & DRAMA DIVISION) • EDUCATION OF POOR CHILDREN 1. EDUCATION CAMPAIGN FOR ENROLLMENT OF GIRL 2. EDUCATION AND WELFARE FOR CHILDREN 3. RUNNING NURSURY SCHOOL FOR POOR GIRLS 4. EDUCATION AND TRAINING • COMMUNITY HEALTH 1. AWARENESS PROGRAMME ON SAFE DRINKING WATER 2. CAMPAIGN AGINST DRUG ABUSE – 3. IMMUNIZATION AWARENESS CAMP – 4. TRAINING OF TRADITIONAL BIRTH ATTENDANT (T.B.As) 5. INTERNATIONAL AIDS PROGRAMME 6. NUKKAD NATAK SHOWS FOR HIV/ AIDS AWARENESS 7. TI PROGRAMME SPONCERED BY NACO • INCOME GENERATION/MED PROGRAMME 1. RUNNING INCOME GENERATION PROGRAMMES 2. EMBROIDERY, ZARICRAFT, ARTIFICIAL JEWELLARY, MUSHROOM CULTIVATION, ARTIFICIAL FLOWER MAKING SEWING, CUTTING, DONA–PATAL MAKING, NETTING, HADICRAFT AND CANDLE MAKING SKILL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING 3. SOCIAL AUDIT TRAINING TO BLOCK / PANCHAYAT / VILLAGE LEVEL FUNCTIONARIES FOR PROPER IMPLIMENTATION OF NATIONAL RURAL EMPLOYMENT GUARANTEE SCHEME 4. SGSY PROGRAMME SPONSERED BY DRDA, RANCHI, JHARKHAND. • WOMEN EMPOWERMENT 1. SHG FORMATION & STRENGTHENING 2. NATIONAL INTEGRATION AND COMMUNAL HARMONY • ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION & PROMOTION ACTIVITIES 1. SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION 2. AWARENESS PROGRAMME ON WATER & SANITATION 3. AWARENESS OF POLYTHENE BAGS ERADITION