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Arenokong Mpcs Ltd Cooperative Society In Dimapur Nagaland

Arenokong Mpcs Ltd Cooperative Society Information

ARENOKONG MPCS LTD is located in Dimapur Nagaland . ARENOKONG MPCS LTD is registered as a Cooperative Society at Dimapur of state Nagaland with Ngo unique registration ID 'NL/2014/0073650' . The NGO registration is done by Registrar of Cooperative Societies with registration number NL/4839 on the date of
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1998 May 29th Fri , Its parent ORganaisation is PaulFoundation. The Chairman of ARENOKONG MPCS LTD is Senti and Chief functionary officer is Chairman.

Arenokong Mpcs Ltd Cooperative Society Organization / Ngo Information

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Registrar of Cooperative Societies
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Cooperative Society
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ARENOKONG MPCS LTD Contact details

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Viola Colony, Dimapur Nagaland 797112
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Key Issues and Operational Areas, Major Activiities & Achivements

ARENOKONG MPCS LTD Major Activities and Achivements

Achievements of the Society Arenokong MPCS Ltd. is a registered NGO located at Viola Colony, Dimapur, Nagaland. The Society has organized various programmes for the welfare of the poor tribal people of Nagaland since registration. The following program me were sponsored during the year 2012-13. 1. RURAL AREA DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME- To create development in the villages, the Society has given several facilities to the poor villagers like water pump for drinking water, setting up the tube well in different villages. Besides these, several training were provided to the youth, so that they can earn income for their livelihood. The youths of the association has also given education facilities to the rural villagers by supplying of study materials. 2. ANTI DRUGS AWARENESS PROGRAMME- We in a society are fast becoming slave to addictive habits. These addictive habits have claimed more lives than any war or external aggression. The annihilation of our society is wrought out by forces of internal destruction like inter tribal rivalries, exterminations. Addictive habits that enslave people like alcoholism, drugs taking & gambling are fast claiming their victims. These habits actually undermine the very fabric of our society. They destroy the community stealthily and without much publicity. These killer habits have no respect for age or sex. Thus the vigilance by the members of the family & the society shouldered the responsibility to rectify the deviated drug abuses and the addicts and the society made aware of the people by festoons, cartoons & by other means as the drugs make ruins to the individuals. Hence the anti drug awareness programme are part & parcel on the part of Society which leads to a fruit full consequences. 3. PLANTATION DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME- As we know that all valuable trees is depleting due to excessive deforestation so, the Society had decided to organize programme for the development of plantation. The main aim regarding this programme is to protect the biosphere and to improvise the ecology of rural area which has been destroying due to deforestation. The association has planted more than 1000 trees in this regard. 4. PULSE POLIO PROGRAMME- The society arranged Pulse Polio camp during the year 2012-13 where Polio was given to the children. Various Doctors has been called up to make this programme fully fledged. 5. ART & CULTURE PROGRAMME- The Society made aware to the people on the art & culture which is based on the programmes on the traditional dances, modern & traditional songs, dramas, fine arts, literary, Bible verse recitation. The Society arranged the above mentioned programme to improve & to restore the traditional art & culture among the villages. 6. HEALTH AWARENESS CAMPAIGN- The Society held a Health Awareness programme during the current financial year 2012-13. The Society sought the assistance of the Doctors & Nurses from the Government Hospital and distributed medicines to the poor villagers. A seminar was also held on HIV-AIDS awareness to the villagers and the youths of both sexes, and Condoms were distributed.