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Baba Shri Nath Shiksha Sansthan Society In Sultanpur Uttar Pradesh

Baba Shri Nath Shiksha Sansthan Society Information

BABA SHRI NATH SHIKSHA SANSTHAN is located in SULTANPUR Uttar Pradesh . BABA SHRI NATH SHIKSHA SANSTHAN is registered as a Society at Faizabad of state Uttar Pradesh with Ngo unique registration ID 'UP/2009/0012411' . The NGO registration is done by Registrar of Societies with registration number 6318/1978-79 on the date of 1979 February 3rd Sat , Its parent ORganaisation is PaulFoundation. The Chairman of BABA SHRI NATH SHIKSHA SANSTHAN is Dr Apsar Ahmad khan and Chief functionary officer is Dr K K SINGH.

Baba Shri Nath Shiksha Sansthan Society Organization / Ngo Information

NGO Name
Unique Id of VO/NGO
Chief Functionary
Dr Apsar Ahmad khan
Mr K N Tiwari

Registration Details

Registered With
Registrar of Societies
Type of NGO
Registration Number
City of Registration
State of Registration
Uttar Pradesh
Date of Registration
NGO Registration certificate
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Mobile Number
Baba Shri Nath Shiksha Sansthan Post- Dhanjai- via- Kurebhar, Pin -228151 Dist- Sultanpur U.P. INDIA

Key Issues and Operational Areas, Major Activiities & Achivements

BABA SHRI NATH SHIKSHA SANSTHAN Major Activities and Achivements

Child Right & education - Worked on child right from the year 1990- 2002 in village Dakhinwara, Saraiya, Majhuwa, Ismailpur, Sadhobhari & Ghnshyam Rai dist- Sultanpur where the decrease in IMR, U-5 MR, death of pregnent mother. The knowledge for acute respiratory rate and oral dehydration among families in target area was very high and the IMR was control upto 75 in the area. The 06 balwadi centre were well equipped for early childhood care & education facilities. Environment health & Hygiene- The knowledge about environmental sanitation, health & hygiene in 2 blocks was promoted. Watershed Management- The watershed management programme was successfully executed in Newajgarh watershed in dist- Sultanpur u.p. in 2500 ha. area from 1997 to 2000 and project was successful and underground was recharged up to 25 fits. The water table was below 125 fit during the year 1996 and after 5 years of project work the underground water table was recharged 25 fit and at the end of the project water table reached at 100 fit. The loss of surface soil was significantly minimized. Agriculture - The Diversified Agriculture support Project (DASP) was successfully implemented during the year 2001-2006 and the practices for IPNM, IPM, Bio farming, NADEP, Vermi Compost, CPP, farmer field school was promoted. Total 423 SHGs were farmed of men and women through which the Diversification & Intensification in agriculture and the knowledge for advance farming was promoted. Women empowerment- Under PACS Programme the poorest of the poor families in district Bahraich from 2004-2008 where promoted and 117 SHGs of women are linked with the area bank and getting micro credit for small business. Under SAWERA programme from 2003-2005 total 50 SHGs got multiple training and have Rs. 69000/= capital fund & bank CCL for their development. Self Help Groups- The Swayam Siddha Project was successfully implemented where 115 SHGs are functional and link with the bank with a federation. Under UPWSRP programme 43 minors in dist- Sultanpur and their water users association are functional working for the higher production. In the same programme dist- Jaunpur, Pratapgarh where the diversification in agriculture & bio- farming were promoted during the year 2003-2006. The technology mission for agriculture development in dist- Sultanpur with block- Jamo and in dist- Kanpur Dehat with block - Derapur and the work with horticulture mission in dist- Sultanpur in 4 block is going on since 2006. Services to elderly- The services for 80 elderly of 65 years plus age is going on from 1998 and programme is giving benefit to target area in dist- Sultanpur and the work is continued. Reproductive health- The SIFPSA funded programme for RCH & family planning from 1996-2002 was successful in 2 blocks & the CPR was increased from 15 to 38 & rate of fertility was decreased & the use of condom, Copper-T & sterilization was boosted. Rural development & rural sanitation- Promotion of biogas: The training for tailoring, embroidery, handloom weaving, kitting, chalk making, padad, bari, Jam Jelly, were given to women in deferent village. About 3000 sanitary latrine and 50 bio gas plant were promoted which are properly functioning. Cultivation of medicinal plants and promotion of indigenous medicine: (1985-2008) The cultivation of medicinal plant like Asparagus recimosus, Aswagandha, Sarpgandha, Aloe, Bakuchi, Sanai, Tulsi, and aromatic plants were promoted in dist- Sultanpur, Pratapgarh & Bahraich U.P. Peoples were trained for health care practices & preparation of 30 kind of indigenous medicine, the health workers were trained to take care of rural health on subsidized cost. SGSY: Under this programme 315 SHGs were promoted in 03 blocks and were linked with the area bank . Presentaly we are working for livelihood promotions with forest department in district Bahraich U.P. since november 2011