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Bharat Prakarsh Foundation Trust In Chandigarh Chandigarh

Bharat Prakarsh Foundation Trust Information

BHARAT PRAKARSH FOUNDATION is located in Chandigarh Chandigarh . BHARAT PRAKARSH FOUNDATION is registered as a Trust at Chandigarh of state Chandigarh with Ngo unique registration ID 'CH/2009/0017945' . The NGO registration is done by Sub-Registrar with registration number 2872 on the date of 2006 November 2nd Thu , Its parent ORganaisation is Bharat Prakarsh Foundation. The Chairman of BHARAT PRAKARSH FOUNDATION is Prithpal Singh and Chief functionary officer is Neena Singh. Promoters are Anupama Arya, Sushil Gupta, Man Mohan Kohli,Charanjit Singh.

Bharat Prakarsh Foundation Trust Organization / Ngo Information

NGO Name
Unique Id of VO/NGO
Chief Functionary
Neena Singh
Prithpal Singh
Darshan Mehandru
Prithpal Singh
Promoter 1
Anupama Arya
Promoter 2
Sushil Gupta
Promoter 3
Man Mohan Kohli
Promoter 4
Charanjit Singh

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Mobile Number
1601 Sector 36 D Chandigarh 160036

Key Issues and Operational Areas, Major Activiities & Achivements

Key Issues

This BHARAT PRAKARSH FOUNDATION NGO charity is working on Key Issues of Education & Literacy, Nutrition

Operational States


BHARAT PRAKARSH FOUNDATION Major Activities and Achivements

Bharat Prakarsh Foundation is an NGO registered on 2nd Nov 2006 as a public charitable trust. The objectives being To further the cause of education by providing scholarships to meritorious and needy students. To promote the Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan by partnering with Chandigarh Education Department for monitoring quality of AIE centers. To instill excellence in education through tech savvy and innovative training methodologies. The Udaan project was conceived to bring about quality improvement in the Alternative Innovative Centers running in the city under the Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan. There was a need to inculcate a love of reading in these children as they had never seen their parents reading books. It was decided to equip the centers with a library bookshelf filled with 250 hindi story books. These books through read aloud method would help in developing their creative and cognitive skills.The project was launched at the 5 centers being looked after by the Foundation and the DPI Schools inaugurated it on 23rd April 08. Photograph on blog The Udaan project was implemented by placing these libraries in the 5 centers inside Govt schools. Till Sep09 we have equipped 35 centers with libraries As we moved forward it was felt that computers would engage these kids more introduce them to technology and make their world more alive. Thus Project e udaan was conceived and it was decided to provide each center with a PC and VCDs Educational stories and songs. This was launched in July08. There was no looking back. Till June09, 35 centers had been provided with computers. The effectiveness of quality interventions can be evaluated through quality improvements viz engagement of the children, better attendance, higher energy levels and the quantum improvement was gauged through mainstreaming results. More than 90 percent children of these centers entered mainstream schools this year The fact that children are being acclimatized towards technology is also a major achievement. Project Udaan now covers 35 AIE centers where over 2200 children are studying The target group is children from economically deprived families never gone to school aged between 6to14 years enrolled in AIE centers These children are from families of migrants, daily wage earners, construction workers domestic servants etc. Quality check of the project The centers are visited regularly: Attendance, hygiene standards, intelligence, engagement and confidence levels of the children are observed and commented upon in the Monthly Visit Reports sent to the Education Deptt. Under the Partnership Initiative of the Social Welfare Deptt. we are also monitoring 14 Anganwaaris in Chandigarh. Partner Organizations Our Patrons Members and Partners help and support in quality interventions at these centers and the projects undertaken by us Other projects accomplished successfully are Shoes and socks activity woollens and track suits distribution Activity coloring books and crayons hygiene kits distribution health checkups and massive Deworming campaigns covering 1000 under privileged children of AIE centers done twice six monthly Scholarships are given to 50 children studying in Class IX and X in Govt schools each year These students are chosen on the basis of merit and economic background and interviews are conducted Post grant of scholarships these students and their parents are mentored and assured assistance in the education of their children We believe that education empowers and creates a more just and equitable society Awarded EQFI Award 2008 for quality interventions in education. Project Jagriti launched in Govt schools by placing libraries in 10 Govt schools in Class V.The Udaan project merged with Jagriti and all libraries moved to Govt schools. Nutrition project successfully facilitated in Chandigarh and approval obtained for Punjab. Project Phulwadi launched in Mohali district of Punjab for studying malnutrition of children in Anganwadis and creating model AWCs .