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Tej Gyan Foundation Ngo In Pune Maharashtra

Tej Gyan Foundation Ngo Information

TEJ GYAN FOUNDATION is located in Pune Maharashtra . TEJ GYAN FOUNDATION is registered as a Trust at Pune of state Maharashtra with Ngo unique registration ID 'MH/2013/0071286' . The NGO registration is done by Charity Commissioner with registration number E-2921-Pune on the date of 15-09-1999, Its parent ORganaisation is PaulFoundation. The Chairman of TEJ GYAN FOUNDATION is Tejvidhya and Chief functionary officer is Tejvidhya.

Tej Gyan Foundation Trust Organization / Ngo Information

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Mobile Number
Tej Gyan Foundation, Happy Thoughts Building, 2nd Floor, Vikrant Complex, Near Tapovan Mandir, Pimpri goan, Pune : 411017

Key Issues and Operational Areas, Major Activiities & Achivements

TEJ GYAN FOUNDATION Major Activities and Achivements

Youth – Character building (Neev 90 Top 10) Youth is a phase in life filled with energy and enthusiasm. It is most essential that their energy is channeled so as to help them lay the foundation for attaining maximum potential. For this a flawless character is imperative. TGF has programs that focus on the foundation (Neev in Hindi). It helps the youth appreciate how critical it is to build a flawless character. It guides them to achieve their objectives by avoiding dissipation of vital energy in unwanted channels and focusing the same towards building a strong character.More than 5000 youths benefitted from this program. Teachers’ development Parents are the first teachers, and teachers are the second parents. Thus, the role of a teacher towards development of a moral and evolving society cannot be underestimated. TGF has designed and conducted programs exclusively for teachers to help them appreciate the magnitude of their role in shaping the future. Teachers are trained to guide students in areas pertaining to their lives and on how to set and pursue goals. More than 700 teachers have been trained till now through this program. Woman empowerment Today, the average woman has broken the shackles of the confinement to home activities alone and is increasingly evolving towards active roles in the shaping of the society. However, due to the pristine psyche that has been built through generations, the woman in general experiences an innate weakness and insecurity.it is essential that she understands the importance of inculcating inner beauty. The inner beauty is about understanding her true identity and leading a balanced life wherein she cultivates healthy and loving relationships at home as well as work. TGF has come up with programs meant to guide the woman in this direction. More than 5000 women benefitted from this program. Self Empowerment Everyday, we encounter the world and each encounter either enriches our life or takes away part of it. We tend to follow the beaten path carrying our accumulated baggage of perceptions, beliefs, discomfort and doubts along in the journey of life. TGF has come up with programs that provide the complete path – the path of joy and happiness involving the process of learning and unlearning. One needs to unlearn the false notions and known methods of success and train to operate consistently from the original nature. The original nature is a natural happy state with immense opportunities for creativity, inspiring relationships, productive teamwork and unlimited growth. These innovative programs from TGF provide people with clarity about how to transcend limitations, live and work in joy and create a purposeful future. Abhay Vardaan – Gift of Fearlessness for Children We work towards dealing with the root cause of fears and enable children to overcome them. To address this, TGF has launched an innovative program called “Abhay Vardaan (The Gift of Courage-fearlessness)”. This program is targeted at children above ten years of age, to help them understand the underlying nature of fears, provide effective means to eliminate their fears, and foster confidence to face the world. The aim is to endow children with an understanding that will help them grow beyond fears and blossom into confident and effective citizens of the future.


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