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Terre Policy Centre Ngo In Pune Maharashtra

Terre Policy Centre Ngo Information

TERRE POLICY CENTRE is located in Pune Maharashtra . TERRE POLICY CENTRE is registered as a Trust at Pune of state Maharashtra with Ngo unique registration ID 'MH/2013/0070904' . The NGO registration is done by Charity Commissioner with registration number E5523 on the date of 28-06-2010, Its parent ORganaisation is PaulFoundation. The Chairman of TERRE POLICY CENTRE is Mr Rajendra Shende and Chief functionary officer is Dr Vinitaa Apte.

Terre Policy Centre Trust Organization / Ngo Information

NGO Name
Unique Id of VO/NGO
Chief Functionary
Dr Vinitaa Apte
Mr Rajendra Shende

Registration Details

Registered With
Charity Commissioner
Type of NGO
Registration Number
City of Registration
State of Registration
Date of Registration
NGO Registration certificate
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Mobile Number
7 Hemdatta Apartments, 38 Mrutyunjay Colony, Kothrud Pune 411038

Key Issues and Operational Areas, Major Activiities & Achivements

TERRE POLICY CENTRE Major Activities and Achivements

Reaching out the global and local environmental issues to educate and inform the key stakeholders like media, youth and NGOs is our focus. Inspiring by setting the examples through practical solutions and piloting through local initiatives are the TEERE’s mechanisms for the delivery of the activities. Food, water and energy securities are inter-wined with the present ecological and financial crisis. TERRE, which in French means the Earth, considers that these crises are timely opportunities to transform our ways towards sustainable development. Five unique aspects of TERRE: 1. Technology cooperation including transfer of the best practices and processes would be the key to the transformation to the sustainable life style. Energy efficiency improvement, energy from wastes, renewable energy, crop protection, land and water restoration, safe disposal of wastes and community empowerment will be the eight important strands of activity. TERRE will link with national, regional and global knowledge resources, institutions and experts to assess needs and deliver specific support with the aim of remediation and restoration though technical and policy initiatives. 2. Education is a fundamental means to build the capacity to stimulate nature friendly actions. Knowledge and Information on preventive and remedial measures to restore natural ecosystems will be the tool for the civil society to act in a timely manner. While information drives action, TERRE will also enable ‘knowledge management’ i.e. dissemination and utilization of the information for the all the strata of the society including at the bottom of the pyramid. 3. Research in governance and policies would be TERRE’s primary activity based on the good practices followed by some communities and governments. TERRE will engage the experts around the world to cull out the cutting edge thoughts and actions that promote development without degrading the environment. 4. Rehabilitation would be the need of the time as 60% of the world’s natural resources are already degraded and many have reached points of no return. Such situation would need careful rehabilitations and solutions to adapt to the changed world. TERRE would provide value added information and technical support to existing initiatives without duplicating others effort. 7 Hemdatta Apartments, 38 Mrutyunjay Colony,Kothrud ,Pune 411038.India Efforts will be made in leveraging the technology for remediation and restoration purposes. 5. Environment of our only home –Earth- would be at the core of TERRE’s unique efforts. The most important strength of TERRE will be its work based on reality checks and pragmatic approaches to outreach concept that environmental protection and development are on the same side.