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Ali Hasan Ngo In Giridih Jharkhand

Ali Hasan Ngo Information

ALI HASAN Non Governmental Organization is located in Giridih Jharkhand . ALI HASAN is registered as a Trust at Giridih of state Jharkhand with Ngo unique registration ID 'JH/2013/0060173' . The NGO registration is done by Charity Commissioner with registration number 9106 on the date of 31-08-2001, Its parent ORganaisation is Ali Educational Trust. The Chairman of ALI HASAN is Mrs Tyeba Abbas and Chief functionary officer is Er Syed Ali Abbas. Promoter is Mrs Syeda Hayat Abbas

NGO Organization / Ngo Information

NGO Name
Unique Id of VO/NGO
Chief Functionary
Er Syed Ali Abbas
Mrs Tyeba Abbas
Er Syed Ali Abbas
Syed Aqiel Abbas
Promoter 1
Mrs Syeda Hayat Abbas

Registration Details

Registered With
Charity Commissioner
Type of NGO
Registration Number
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State of Registration
Date of Registration
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Contact details

Mobile Number
Ali Cottage, Mohanpur, Pachamba Road, Giridih-815316, Jharkhand

ALI HASAN Key Issues and Operational Areas, Major Activiities & Achivements

Key Issues

This ALI HASAN NGO charity is working on Key Issues of Drinking Water, Education & Literacy, Environment & Forests, Food Processing, Health & Family Welfare, Human Rights, Information & Communication Technology, Legal Awareness & Aid, Labour & Employment, Land Resources, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Science & Technology, Water Resources, Women's Development & Empowerment

Operational States


Operational Districts


Major Activities and Achivements

We are serving the Nation & Society Since 1999. We are engage to Establish various Muslim Minority Institutions such as Medical / Engraining Dental Colleges etc with establishment of Hospitals and various Public utility Institutions for the Benefit of General Public, Specially for Muslim Minority and down Trodden Class & More. We are regularly Providing and Executing awareness programs and Work Shops on Various Subjects, such as Computer Literacy, Humane Trafficking , Health and Environment , Forest and Environment, Pollution and use of Gobar Gas / Bio Gas Plant to reduce the energy / Electric Consumption and Pressure on Govt. Bodies. We also provide Several Social Activities for the benefit of General Public & as well as the Government also. We like to do more and more Social works and Awareness Programs and establishment of various Technical, Medical, Engineering & Various Institutions with the help of Govt. fudging also. About College Of Nursing 1. We have already obtained “No Objection” Certified from State Govt. of Jharkhand, Ranchi. vide Letter No 94(74)dt.16.03.2009, with a Capacity of 100 (one Hundred) Intake for 18 (Eighteen) Month ANM Course Program At College of Nursing Giridih. 2. State Govt. of Jharkhand, Ranchi has already granted a proposal for Tie-up with Sadar (Distict) Hospital Giridih Vide Deptt of Health Medical Education and Family welfare, Ranchi letter No. 2- nUr – 8-02/2002-27(2) dt. 23.3.2002 for Clinical Experience of our Dental / Nursing Student. 3.We have already obtained Tip-up / Permission for Rural / Community Health Training to our ANM Student at PH Centre, Bengabad, Giridih Vide his Letter No.-276 dt 19.04.2010. 4.We have already abstained Tip-up with Navjeevan Nursing Home (Hospital) Giridih for Clinical Experience to our Nursing Student vide his Letter No-Nil dt.- 23rd January 2002 & No.-Nil dt. 8.04.2010 5. We have already obtained Tip-up with Shree Vishwanath Nursing Home Barmasia Giridih vide dt. 06.05.2003. 6. Inspection Team of Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi has already visited and make inspection on dt. 09-10/04/2010 and arises Few deficiencies with us and From State Govt. of Jharkhand Ranchi, as further approval / Tie-up with Sadar Hospital, Giridih and P.H. Centre Bengabad, Giridih for Clinical & Rural / Community Health Experience Respectively to our ANM Students. We have already make Compliance with Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and State Govt. of Jharkhand also, while we have already obtained Tip-ups / Permission with Sadar Hospital Giridih and PH Centre, Bengabad Giridih for Clinical Experience & Rural / Community Health Experience to our ANM ( Nursing ) Student respectively, as mentioned above in Sl. No.2 & 3 above.