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Loka Adhikar Sammukhya Kalahandi Ngo In Bhawanipatna Orissa

Loka Adhikar Sammukhya Kalahandi Ngo Information

LOKA ADHIKAR SAMMUKHYA KALAHANDI Non Governmental Organization is located in Bhawanipatna Orissa . LOKA ADHIKAR SAMMUKHYA KALAHANDI is registered as a Society at Bhawanipatna of state Orissa with Ngo unique registration ID 'OR/2009/0007911' . The NGO registration is done by Registrar of Societies with registration number 3819/220 of 2007-08 on the date of 02-12-2007, Its parent ORganaisation is PaulFoundation. The Chairman of LOKA ADHIKAR SAMMUKHYA KALAHANDI is Raju Sharma and Chief functionary officer is Pravat Bramha.

NGO Organization / Ngo Information

NGO Name
Unique Id of VO/NGO
Chief Functionary
Pravat Bramha
Raju Sharma
Pravat Bramha
B Malesu

Registration Details

Registered With
Registrar of Societies
Type of NGO
Registration Number
3819/220 of 2007-08
City of Registration
State of Registration
Date of Registration
NGO Registration certificate
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Contact details

Mobile Number
Loka Adhikar Sammukhya Kalahandi Post Box- 19, P.O.- Bhawanipatna, Dist- Kalahandi, Orissa PIN- 766001

LOKA ADHIKAR SAMMUKHYA KALAHANDI Key Issues and Operational Areas, Major Activiities & Achivements

Key Issues

This LOKA ADHIKAR SAMMUKHYA KALAHANDI NGO charity is working on Key Issues of Aged/Elderly, Children, Civic Issues, Differently Abled, Disaster Management, Dalit Upliftment, Environment & Forests, Human Rights, Legal Awareness & Aid, Labour & Employment, Land Resources, Panchayati Raj, Right to Information & Advocacy, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Tribal Affairs, Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation, Water Resources, Women's Development & Empowerment, Any Other

Operational States


Operational Districts


Major Activities and Achivements

LASK is a network of NGOs started in the year 2000 at Kalahandi district. It got registered in the year 2007. Currently it has 32 NGOs and CBOs as its members. The main activities are given below: * Women leadership development in Panchyatiraj: LASK is working with women leaders of P.R.I. in 9 blocks of Kalahandi district. Though 1/3rd seats in Panchayatiraj is reserved for women by the 73rd constitutional amendment of our constitution, yet it is found that owing to various social constraints like lack of self confidence, awareness, lack of support from colleagues and want of a friendly administration etc., not much has been achieved by these women leaders. In the context of the above, LASK has under taken the task of organizing leadership development training of the rural elected women representatives of 192 panchayats. LASK also encourage more women participation in Panchayatiraj elections. In last election held in 2007, through our combined efforts, the percentage of women leadership had been increased up to 42% instead of 33%. District JungleMunch: LASK initiated the process of formation of a district jungle munch and its block level units. Villagers active in checking deforestation are its members. The main objective is to increase community managed forest management and to provide livelihood support through it. These Jungle Manchs successfully take up various issues to the district administration and government. Now the federation is an independent people’s organization having its own governing body and own bye-law. It has more that 100 village level jungle manchs as its member. Lobby and Advocacy: We believe that mass media can be used as a powerful tool in development. Hence, LASK has consciously developed media advocacy strategy. Our initiative has received active support from district level journalists through their greater exposure of our issues. Apart from media advocacy, LASK is using tools like rallies, seminars, workshops, social audits and public hearing etc. LASK is working in various issues like ‘Abolition of two child norm in Panchayatiraj’, R & R Policies, implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Schemes, Right to Information, Tribal right over Land, Water and Forest etc. Spreading Social messages: To disseminate various social massage, LASK is using popular media like the radio, posters, leaflets, wall writings, street plays etc. Our radio play on women leadership in panchayatiraj, “Amar Bahein Satyabati” is extremely popular among the audiences. Sammukhya Barta : A quarterly Oriya newsletter, “Sammukhya Barta” is being published by LASK. Apart from various network activities, members/individuals also share their views in various burning issues at regular intervals. Study and analysis: LASK conducts studies and analysis on various issues like poverty analysis in various blocks, R&R policy, impact of two-child norm etc. Grievance redressal: LASK is engaged in assisting the deprived sections of the society particularly the women for their grievances redressal through intervention of government officials. Capacity building : It has organized various capacity building trainings and workshop/seminars for its member organizations on many burning issues. Alliance building: LASK has built up alliance with various State, National and International level NGOs, networks and movements and shown solidarity with their work. Other areas: LASK has provided a learning platform for its member organizations, particularly small organizations, as through it they can access the specialization areas of various other member organizations. E.g- Our member organization FARR has initiated a very strong cooperative structure called “Mahashakti Foundation” in which various women headed cooperatives are members. This foundation has rural women as its executive body members and is operating in many districts. Similarly, DAPTA another organization has experience in HIV/AIDS issue. Also our main objective is to spread awarene