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All Round People Development Society Ngo In Khagaria Bihar

All Round People Development Society Ngo Information

ALL ROUND PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY Non Governmental Organization is located in Khagaria Bihar . ALL ROUND PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY is registered as a Society at Patna of state Bihar with Ngo unique registration ID 'BR/2015/0086987' . The NGO registration is done by Registrar of Societies with registration number 751 on the date of 10-06-2010, Its parent ORganaisation is PaulFoundation. The Chairman of ALL ROUND PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY is Anjani Devi and Chief functionary officer is Ajay Shankar Deo. Promoter is Md Saheb

NGO Organization / Ngo Information

NGO Name
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Chief Functionary
Ajay Shankar Deo
Anjani Devi
Ajay Shankar Dev
Sushila Devi
Promoter 1
Md Saheb

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Mobile Number
Ajay Shankar Deo, Secretary - All Round People Development Society, Gaushala Road, in front of all India tower, Khagaria, State - Bihar. Pin - 851205
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ALL ROUND PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY Key Issues and Operational Areas, Major Activiities & Achivements

Major Activities and Achivements

Major activities: Our mission is community advancement. We begin with the community. Right from the beginning of any of our initiatives, we involve the people right from the planning stage. Our focus especially upon promote the social justice as provision of and distribution of comprehensive education, community health and development, mother and child care etc. Achievements: An awareness program is being run in more than twenty villages for water conservation. People are made aware of their rights and duties as a citizen of India in more than 125 villages. More than forty training programs organized for the benefit of SHG members, leader of SHG, Entrepreneur of SHG members. Women and child welfare program: The position of the women in global context as well as our country is not very good. The current position of the women needs a health and hefty change in their life. More than half of the population of women of our country comprises with the women but still they are awaiting their proper recognition in all sectors of the society. Keeping these in mind the ARPDS has taken a little bit effort for the welfare of sector of all clARPDSes. For the sake of women the ARPDS has organized several programs and seminars to make them aware their rights. The ARPDS also run consumer training school for young girls and women in its work area to make them economically independent. The society also organizes health check up camp especially for those women who are not careful about their health due to economic problem. The society thinks that the healthy women can make a healthy society. The society also provides karate training for the women so that they can learn to protect themselves. Rural development program: for the economic development of the poor and underprivileged rural mass ARPDS, resurrecting the dormant 1 traditional skill on arts and craft has also proved successful besides other approach working in this direction. The project aims to organizing the artisans and craft-men to sort out the problems and voice their financial and training needs to help them rejuvenate their traditional trade skill for generation of self-employment opportunities. Conference of traditional artisan and artisans and craft-men participated. Vocational training program: Training in the following categories of trades was important to stand on their fact programs are income-oriented. This training program is organized in six districts of Bihar. The subject and number is as ARPDS assembling and servicing of pumping sets and generators, no. of beneficiaries-50. Assembling and servicing of telephone sets and fans-10. Madhubani painting-65, handicraft-70, Knitting, tailoring and embroidery-85, typing/short-hand-95, computer-15, carpentary-50, Jute products like bag, kalin etc. -60, bamboo, tokari, soop, dari etc., mobile repairing training-50. Due to the training, the trainers were able to earn their livelihood. They raised their status because of the training and they donít have to depend on others.