NGOS Working for Children Education

Children Ngos are  specially works best for eradicating poverty and helps poor children .by giving them better education .this firms really is hardly dedicated to eradicate child labour ,which is major drawback for any society. This type of Ngos are working for education for children, women education, girl education .

Ngos Working for Children
NGO Organizations working in India

This Type of Children Ngos had spread in many states helping within the welfare of the poor and children. The Organization mainly performs its work in cities and rural slum areas in which most of poor people situated.
Organization mainly performs its work in  cities and rural slums in which most of poor people situated.  Many children organisations mainly performs its work in  India in the cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and others in where the slums in which most of poor people situated.

Poverty along with a poor literacy rate in India contributes towards acute child labor problems in India. This has to be considered a curse where small children are unable to enjoy their childhood and not able to go to school. They don’t have any chance to get even some basic education. It can creates a vicious circle of poor literacy rates and intense poverty.Inside a poor family, whereby the breadwinner is unable to earn enough for his or her family expenses tends to make use of the children within their family to supplement their loved ones income by sending the right results in difficult conditions. It is the right of every child to get their education but their rights go out of the window.

Children NGOs attempt to help the situation by providing welfare programs and by their social service in India. There are lots of children NGOs in India that try to help children in a number of ways. They struggle to get children out of the difficult working place and in the mean living conditions. They give children good education. Poor children within the slums of cities and villages seldom see schools because they do not have money to pay their fees. Children NGOs in India try to offer free education to children India and thereby improve their standard of living.Probably the most dedicated India NGO movements is NGos for Children Education.

This NGO is dedicated to supplying the slum kids of India with quality free education. They purchase all of the educational expenses involved for that slum children in India and other states. They protect them from child labor and supply them with a protective environment where their talents can be enhanced. NGos for Children Education has a noble mission, which is to educate every child in this planet. Such a mission will over a period of time can help the society in particular as the literacy rate with the slums of Mumbai improves. An entire generation is going to be helped and also the standard of living of this generation will automatically improve when they get their basic education. They will be able to take better jobs and get better pays. This will enhance the financial status of every family.

This is one of the many areas that NGOs attempt to help the poor and the needy. Fulfilling the rights of small children is one of the most important social services any India NGO can perform because small children do not have voice of their own to raise their concerns in the society and often their weakness is exploited. Children NGOs try to become the voice of this voiceless group of people. They will not be able to accomplish anything unless they get social support from the others. So it is each one’s responsibility to support children NGOs in whatever way possible.



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