NGOS helping the children

How NGOS help the children to enhance their lives

Most of the NGOs organisation  main objective is children welfare and development .because children are the future for every nation .so these firms gives help children by providing education ,better health care .
You can learn more about the role played by NGOs in reforming the lives of children by searching on the internet. Many such NGOs are active in India and are doing laudable work. here you can find the NGOs working for children in India .

lot of children in India die each year due to insufficient medical treatment. The NGOs help the communities and government to further improve the health of children. Child labor is rampant in India regardless of laws against it.
The NGOs work to expose preventing the exploitation of kids particularly in states like West Bengal and Bihar where child trafficking is rampant. 7.1 million children in India can’t go to school. The NGOs make sure that every child would go to school, Many Ngos are working for child literacy to give the better education for children. This protects the children from child labor and at the same time, enhances their odds of having a bright future with proper education. Most of the children in slums working as child labour and million of children are not going to school  to make money for family, so many NGOs are fighting against child labour .
In the times during the natural calamities, young children are the worst affected. The NGOs ensure their right to survival and development after an emergency. They also train children to face up to critical situations during disasters. The child protection program operated by some NGOs bear in mind the cross cutting themes of kid participation, non discrimination and the best interests with the children. The three groups of children that many NGOs mainly work on are children impacted by disasters and emergencies, children affected by exploitation and child trafficking, and children within the worst forms of labor and people with inadequate parental care.

Ngos working for eradicating Child Labour
Ngos working for eradicating Child Labour

These NGOs make an effort to understand the good and best practices. This involves quality monitoring and studies in the different fields pertaining to children. Probably the most important activities of the NGOs in enhancing the lives of children include understanding the situation of vulnerable children who require care and protection. Teaching children to be resilient and protect themselves. This includes child led organizations and child to child support. Promoting the reintegration of children into society, who’ve been stigmatized due to their coping strategies in the absence of protective mechanisms.

Ngos for children education
Ngos working for Child education and Children Literacy

Showing society that preventive approach and early intervention is the perfect alternative to late intervention. Developing community based care and protection systems. Certainly one of their endeavors is encompassing broader social welfare, poverty reduction and other national development strategies, for building the care and protection of children.
They also focus on encouraging duty bearers to deliver effective care and protection. NGOs advocate the legal and policy reforms in favor of the principles and standards of the child rights.

India Ngos List always supports the Ngos which are fighting for Child rights and Enhancements of the Child lives.

NGOs Working for enhance

Child health
Children Enhancements
children care
Education and Literacy
free education for children
girl education
Children Health and Family Welfare

NGOs Fighting Against

Ngos working for Child adoption prevention
Child labor 
Child Trafficking

Finally in India which is the most populated country Many NGOs are working for the Children to enhance the lives of children and make them Happy along with by providing the good education.


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