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Indianogslist.com  site is for sale

I have been running this website since one year ( last year)  and it currently has 70,000+ Ngo listings in India which are properly registered with indian government.

Presently IndiaNgosList.com getting 2000+ visitors per day all the traffic getting from only search engines 99% of the traffic is from Google and other search engines.

Till Now We only concentrate only on the site development and SEO content, we never promote the site because we only concentrate on the traffic building from search engines we succeeded 80% of this strategy. The site traffic will increased if we promote it in social media  and creating proper quality back-links to the site ( all the back links  that are created 100 % by different ngo firm owners , we never create a single backlinks our self , if we concentrate on the building SEO backlinks seriously then our search engine rankings and traffic automatically increased hugely ).

Why we are selling this Site?

At First we need to confirm this we are not selling this site for profits .

Many are suspected that we are selling the site because of lack of income source or low income.   I mentioned below how much we are making from website currently , with only single source of income.

But Now we are selling the site only because for generating funds for our future projects which are different from the India Ngos concept.

Seriously we are still in confusion to sell this business , which creates a Good Yearly recurring income for ever.

We concentrate on the other projects, as fact we are not working this site now because one of our partner who is invested and working on this site recently got an opportunity from UAE to work there as Manager for a reputed Ngo firm . He has 12 years of expeierence of  Ngos related services. So that we decided to sell this business to the persons who have the ability to maintain and create the income from all the business concepts.

Finally… we just need Funds to create and run other websites and mobile applications.  

This website would be ideal for somebody who are already worked in NGOs or maintain the Ngo firms.  NGO experience will create many other Ideas apart from the concepts we plan.

With a limited team members you can easily maintain the site very easily , because we create the admin very user friendly.

Send your bid amount

We build the great site which is High SEO optimized  .

Till now the site has 70000+ ngos listings from all over the india

We implement many advanced SEO techniques in the site that will bring more traffic.

We are accepting the best price for this site, if you send satisfactory bid for this site then we will go with you.

Send your mails to [email protected] .


Techonlogies we used

Website built with completely with PHP and good SEO techniques maintained on Linux ngnix server.

The domain name www.indiangoslist.com  will bring the good search engine traffic from google  and also memorable.

Many foreigners are search “Ngos in India” our site totally Optimised with these keywords “India Ngos”, “Ngos in _________ ”( for example Ngos in Maharashtra, Ngos in Delhi ) . I will give the total keyword list that you need to promote and the traffic coming from after completing the deal.

Business Models and Income generation methods for Indiangoslist.com

Business Model 1: Google adsense 

presently we implement Google Adsense ,but it is not our target income source . We are Now earning $5-$10 per day with Google Adsense an average of $200 per month. In future with serious SEO backlinks building the income will grow up to $50 per day very easily , because the cpc for NGOs are very high )


Our Future plans (business plans) 

Business Model 2: NGO websites Business 

Many ngos india upto 70% are running their charities, sociteies and Ngos without a having a website which is a greate online Identity. We plan to create application  that is used to create a single page or website with their information like “about the charity” , “gallery”, “their achivements” and “services”. Creating a separate individual admin for each intrested Ngo firm with their desired website name to raise the funds from all over the world ( we have the total business concept about this). For  this we need to (or you, if you buy J)  charge the Ngo owner with different packages like below

According to our concept

Rs.2000 per year – a single page or limited pages with gallery without domain name which is created with name indiangoslist.com/xyz-ngo

Rs.5000 per year – a website with many pages and galleries with domain name.

Rs.10000 per year – Along with the premium advertisements in the site  A website with both mobile responsive  Facebook fanpage , YouTube channel (we train you , these are very easy to create and maintain)

Assume a minimum calculation

Rs. 2000 * 200 =Rs. 400000

Rs. 5000*100=Rs.500000

Rs. 10000*50=Rs.500000

Total               Rs.14,00,000

Total 14 Lakhs per year this is the total minimum gaurantee amount I expect from this business. Its not big thing , why because in our indianngoslist.com there itself 70,000 registered Ngos up to 2013 May ( we only gather information upto that date only) . but in the above calculation we only expect 350 NGO charities  registered per year that means 0.25 percent only. If you have a great marketing capabilities above business income will be reached in a  3 months only. In this way it created  yearly recurring business with many opportunities .

Note: Why Ngo websites business generates great income

Every NGO owner likes to create a website for their Ngo or charities , but still they don’t know how to create a website and maintain them in presence of Search engine ( SEO is the in built module in the total application  every page created by this application indexed by google automatically ).

Many website designing companies charged very high prices to create websites for NGOs. Ngo firms are can’t afford to build a website 20k – 30k to create their website. For those kind of people, this platform is very much helpful and many thousands of NGOs owners show their interest to just try with the basic level package. Package creation and their amount is totally depends on your marketing strategies you can also increase the package prices.

Business Model 3 – Premium Ngo listings : This is the third level income we can charge the ngo listings placing levels just like in the olx.in and quikr.in .

Business Model 4- Ngo charities registration charges: Many Ngos without lack of knowledge they are spenting huge money on Ngo registrations and FRCA ( I saw many mediators are charging high for this process) . So if you have knowledge on Ngo registrations and other registrations that allow to accept funds that are applicable to Tax deductions , then this will be the major source of income to the site apart from the others.Contacting Fund raising Agencies: Many Ngos are ready to pay for the services for project report and information of fund raising agencies.

Business Model 5- Ngo jobs module : We presently working on this to integrate the Ngo jobs that are automatically fetched from Naukari, Shine which will create additional income. There are thousands for Ngo jobs posted monthly on the jobs sites, post each listing very time consuming process so we creating application which automatically post the jobs from job websites automatically without any manual process . So thousands of jobs are posted monthly  you can also earn though if anybody registered though those links and also Google Adsense and other advertisements.

Business Model 6 – Selling Ngo data: last monetization method is Selling Ngo data for others also will create good income , but It is little bit  disadvantageous to site . if we sell the  data to the others, then there is a chance to earn from all above income sources .  so this method optional.

Till now I build these business concepts, I will help you to build many other sources of income.

Sent your bids to the email [email protected] .